Your environment is becoming more complex and uncertain and business as usual just isn’t working any more.

You know you need to think differently, do different things and be different.

Collaboration Builder offers a structured program to help you build a new suite of capabilities.

The program incorporates workshops and coaching to build internal collaboration leaders.

If you…

  • face a complex situation requiring different thinking
  • need to work across boundaries to find solutions that stick
  • require new processes for working in uncertain and dynamic environments
  • want to build the capability and confidence of your emerging leaders

When you…

  • are uncertain how to proceed in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity
  • feel that poor relationships are getting in the way of the work
  • are unsure how to get agreement on both the problem to be tackled and its solution
  • feel unable to provide the team with the tools and support they need to find a solution

We provide…

  • Confidence and capability in the face of complexity
  • New skills, new tools, new approaches
  • A different way to think about the work to be done
  • A supportive environment and a learning framework to build your team’s capability

Making Collaboration Work!

An essential ‘how to’ workshop for collaborating across boundaries

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Request a Twyfords Discovery Session - an Introduction to Complexity and Collaboration. One of our Consultants will spend two hours face to face with you and your team, anywhere in Australia or New Zealand*


Complete our collaborative readiness diagnostic and gain new insights into your potential need for CQ or collaborative capability … and your current level of readiness.

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